Our Dessert tables, or sweet tables are a complete collection of coordinating cakes and sweet treats. They can be a stand alone masterpiece or centred around showcasing the cake. We have a range of sweet treats that can be customised  for example, cookies, cupcakes, macarons and meringues, cake pops, popsicles etc.




Below are some guide prices for our sweet treats.

*these are also available as individually wrapped with a personalised tag as  favours 

  • Macarons from £45 per batch 25
  • decorated cookies £2.50 each minimum order 18
  • cake pops from £1.50 each minimum order 12
  • cakesicles from £2.50 minimum order 12  
  • mini desserts from £48 for 24 
  • mini cupcakes £1.20 minimum 24
  • cupcakes from £2.50 minimum order 12 
  • chocolate covered oreos £1.50 minumum order 12
  • Cake in a far from £2.80